Kay E. Winkler

Law & Economics

Dr. Kay E. Winkler LL.M. Ph.D. (VUW) is a researcher in law and economics, with particular interest in competition law, torts, and telecommunications regulation. His recent projects involve:

Financing of public broadcasting in Germany

No-fault compensation schemes in Australia and New Zealand

Research on New Zealand's telecommunications policy at the ISCR

Academic Publications

"Safety Effects of No-Fault Auto Insurance"

Journal of Personal Injury Law 2017, 38-46.

"Der Rundfunkbeitrag im Konflikt mit der Verfassung" — The broadcasting fee in conflict with the constitution

Kommunikation & Recht 2016, 478 ff.

"Effects of No-Fault Auto Insurance on Safety Incentives"

SSRN, 2015

"Not Safe for Work: The Effect of No-Fault Worker’s Compensation on Occupational Accident Rates"

SSRN, 2014

"Potential Effects of New Zealand's Policy on Next Generation High-Speed Access Networks"

ISCR Working Paper, 2014

"Counterfactual Analysis in Predation Cases"

34(8) European Competition Law Review 2013, 410-421

"The Framework for Network Access and Interconnection"

(together with G. Baumgarten)

in: Koenig/Bartosch/Braun/Romes, „EC Competition and Telecommunications Law“ (2nd edition), 2009

"Marktregulierung im Bereich der Mobilfunkterminierung" — Market regulation in the mobile termination sector

(together with C. Koenig und I. Vogelsang)

Kommunikation & Recht - Beilage 1/2005

„Die Regulierung alternativer Festnetzbetreiber im neuen TKG“ The regulation of alternative fixed-network providers in the new Telecommunications Act

(together with C. Koenig)

Multimedia und Recht 2004, 783 ff.

„Pflichten zur Veränderung von Netzinfrastrukturen“ Obligations to modify network infrastructures

(together with C. Koenig and J. Kühling)

Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb 2003, 228 ff.

„Die (Ultima) Ratio der Regulierung des Endnutzermarktes“ The (ultima) ratio of regulating the end user market

(together with C. Koenig)

Telekommunikations- und Medienrecht 2003, 371 ff.

„Market Definition in the Media Sector: Comparative Legal Analysis“

Chapters on Sweden and Finland

Study for the European Commission, 2003

Tertiary Education

Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand – 2015

PhD in Economics (Law and Economics)

King's College London

United Kingdom – 2010

Master of Arts (Economics for Competition Law)

University of Bonn

Bonn – 2005

Doctor of Laws (EU Competition Law)

District Court, Frankfurt

Germany – 2001

Second State Exam (Law)

University of Hull

United Kingdom – 1999

Master of Laws (International Business Law)

University of Frankfurt

Germany – 1998

First State Exam (Law)

Work Experience

Vossloh AG

2015 – current

Werdohl, Germany

Senior Legal Counsel

Victoria University of Wellington

2013 – 2015

Wellington, New Zealand

Teaching Fellow and Research Assistant

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science

2011 – 2012 (1.5 years)

Kleve, Germany

Senior Lecturer in International Business Law (Vertretungsprofessur)

Deutsche Telekom AG

2005 – 2010 (5 years)

Bonn, Germany

Senior Counsel for Telecommunications Regulation and Competition Law

University of Bonn

2002 – 2005 (3 years)

Bonn, Germany

Research Assistant at the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI)


Law and Economics Association of New Zealand (LEANZ)

European Association of Law and Economics (EALE)

Alumnus of University of Frankfurt, University of Hull, and Cleary Gottlieb